At Pain Recovery Solutions we care for people with chronic pain and/or addiction. Our goal is to relieve pain and restore function and dignity to those who suffer.

Chronic Pain Recovery

At PRS we treat chronic pain syndromes that include fibromyalgia, pelvic pain, facial pain, abdominal pain, musculoskeletal pain, and neuropathic pain.

Many patients are referred to us with chronic pain accompanied by opioid dependency, addictive illness and/or complex medical or psychiatric problems. For our patients, we address four areas of concern in order to provide a comprehensive treatment program individualized based on four modalities. Each modality is addressed, as needed, and treatment plans include the necessary interventions to help the patient improve in all four domains.

#1 Physical Health and Function – In this area, we identify any underlying medical issues a patient has. We work to monitor and improve physical strength and endurance and to decrease physical pain and its associated suffering. Nutritional therapy is also employed as a means of achieving ideal body weight, lower blood sugar, and vitamin sufficiency.

#2 Neuro-Psychiatric Healing – Stabilizing brain chemistry and function is essential to recovery. In this modality, treatment is designed to improve cognitive ability, memory and physical coordination while reducing perceived pain. This is accomplished by eliminating harmful drugs (including nicotine), and employing medications to aid in brain recovery.

#3 Emotional Well-being – Patients often experience anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance. Individualized treatment plans are designed to increase emotional well-being by restoring self-esteem and reducing pain-related suffering. We recommend referral to psychologists and psychiatrists specializing in chronic pain issues. These specialists work closely with the rest of our treatment team.

#4 Spiritual Growth – Reconnecting with family, friends, and peers helps patients to re-establish their life direction and purpose while gaining peace of mind and serenity. Volunteerism is a very important activity, and patients are encouraged to participate.

For a detailed explanation of Chronic Pain Syndrome and its treatment, refer to the Chronic Pain Primer (below).

Chronic Pain Primer

Addiction Recovery

At PRS we treat addiction to alcohol, nicotine, prescription medications and street drugs. Scientific evidence supports the fact that addiction is a chronic illness, much like diabetes or high blood pressure. People from all walks of life become addicted, often to prescription drugs. The disease of addiction centers in the brain and the mind, affecting both. It is manifested by loss of control over drugs and/or alcohol/nicotine use, craving (an overwhelming urge to use), withdrawal symptoms, and compulsive use of drugs despite harmful, dangerous and life threatening consequences. Addicts are caught in a downward spiral of mental obsession and physical dependence they cannot control with their own “will power”. Most want to quit but cannot. Many addicts believe they are hopeless.

Recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process. Once a person has stopped using a particular substance, the process of learning to live without that substance begins. Learning to manage life’s daily stresses and developing strategies to deal with the challenges that arise are important skills to develop in maintaining recovery and preventing relapse.

At Pain Recovery Solutions, we treat men and women with the illness of addiction. We provide assessment and treatment including detoxification, buprenorphine therapy and psychotherapeutic support.

With assistance, patients develop hope for the future and identify resources. Treatment will address relapse prevention, urge management, alternative coping skills and symptom management.

Engaging in the 12-step recovery process is integral to recovery. We will help patients connect with the recovering community and support ongoing recovery through regular discussions about 12-step attendance and engagement in the 12-step program of recovery. At PRS, we are familiar with recovery literature, and provide this to those new to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
Family recovery which is supported by participation in AlAnon and NarAnon is addressed, providing resources to family members.

For a detailed explanation of Addiction and its treatment, refer to the Addiction and Recovery Primer(below).

Addiction and Recovery Primer