Welcome to Our Program

Pain Recovery Solutions’ staff comprises highly skilled physicians and treatment professionals, seeking to provide the best available and most comprehensive services to every patient who enters our doors. Our dedication to decreasing pain levels while increasing the patient’s ability to function and improving their overall mental status is grounded in a unique “wrap-around” approach that addresses the “whole” person while providing educational and counseling support to their families.

Chronic Pain

If you are reading this then you or someone close to you suffers from chronic pain, an illness that produces misery, loss of employment, money, and insurance benefits; disrupts lives, affects family and friends, and leads to loneliness and isolation. Chronic pain sufferers feel depressed and hopeless. Recovery from chronic pain is now possible provided you are willing to follow an intensive program of medical management and take other actions.

At Pain Recovery Solutions, our goal is to offer those who have been suffering from chronic pain and opioid addiction the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives, free from many of the restraints both physical and mental that their conditions impose.


At Pain Recovery Solutions, we also treat men and women with the illness of addiction. Recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process. A person in the PRS Addiction Treatment Program receives professional help in working toward recovery which may include evaluation, intervention services, detoxification, buprenorphine treatment, recovery programs, mental health treatment, and aftercare.

Pain Recovery Solutions is currently the only combined internal medicine, pain, and addiction medicine clinic in Washtenaw County.

Dr. Malinoff and staff will work with you to determine which of the following elements will address your personal condition:
• Detoxification
• Medication Management
• Education
• Group Therapy
• Individual Therapy
• Family Program
• Smoking Cessation Therapy
• Exercise/Physical Therapy Programs

Contact Pain Recovery Solutions for questions or appointments at 734.434.6600.